Spotting the water damage can be difficult at the time. Water can easily seep in the walls and in the flooring and do damage without you noticing about it. Many people realize the water damage after it is too late. The water can damage all parts of the house and with timely intervention, you can save thousands of dollars. Water damage can be caused due to many reasons and one such reason is the leaking faucets and sinks. The leaking water, if unattended can enter other parts of the house and cause damage that will only be restored by the professional companies. You need to keep a close eye on these signs and if you see any of them, call the disaster restoration company in Arlington VA.

Damage on Cabinets:

Water damage can cause a lot of issues to the cabinets in the house. The finish will give our bubbles and you will also see the signs of rot on the cabinets. The cabinets will lose its shine and you will also hear the reeking sound when they are operated.

Damage on Ceilings:

The peeling paint and the sagging on the ceiling is one of the main signs of water damage. You will also see the discoloration on the ceilings. The bubbling and sagging on the ceiling also indicate that the house is affected by water damage.

Damage on Floors:

The watermarks on the floors are one of the main signs of water damage. the discolored grout and loose tiles may also indicate that the house may have sustained water damage in the past.

Damage on Wooden Flooring:

The board will be dipped from the middle and you might also see crowing in some parts of the flooring if there is water damage in the house.

Foul Odor:

The leaky water pipes and the carpet will give out a stale smell when it is damaged by the water. Water can react with the chemicals on the pipe and this oxidation process also gives out a bad smell. The foul odor can be due to other reasons as well, but you should never ignore such smells and procure professional services to root out the problem.

These signs will help you to identify the degree of the water damage in the house. All hope is not lost when your house has suffered water damage and you can always rely on the disaster damage restoration services in Arlington and restore the original beauty of the house.


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